Purpose of this document

This document contains information on administrating an IMathAS installation. For information on specific features, you might find more info in the help file.

Administration Styles

There are several ways in which you can administer an IMathAS installation:

Creating Instructor Groups

There is support in IMathAS for instructor/admin user Groups, usually intended to group instructors by discipline within a college installation, or by college in a multi-college installation. Group administrators can be set up to handle administration for instructors within their group.

Full Admins can create, change, or remove groups by clicking the "Edit Groups" link on the Admin page.

Adding Instructors

Instructors can be added manually, or you can use the "New instructor account request" page distributed with IMathAS to allow instructors to request accounts themselves.

To add an instructor manaually, click the "Add New User" button at the bottom of the Admin page.

If you use the "New instructor account request" page, an email will be sent to the email address you provided when you installed IMathAS (the $sendfrom address) to notify you a request has been made. From the group selection pulldown at the bottom of the Admin page, choose "Pending" to list instructors who have made instructor account requests. You can then change their rights to give them appropriate rights. Be aware that if you are requiring email account confirmation for students, unconfirmed student accounts may also show up in the Pending list.

Creating Courses

If the admin is creating courses for instructors, they can click the "Add new course" button to create a new course. Once created, use the "Transfer" link to transfer ownership to the intended instructor.

Administator Access

When accessing Manage Question Set from the Admin page, an administrator with Group Admin or Full Admin rights will be able to modify questions written by members of their group, or anyone for Full Admins.

Group Admins can list the courses of any of their group members (or anyone for Full Admins) and enter the course as an instructor to help with changes with the course

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