ASCIIMath Reference

This document is a symbol reference for the ASCIIMath language.

For a more tutorial-style approach, try this site.

Basic OperationsRelationsCalculusSymbols
+ `+`
- `-`
+- `+-`
* `*`
** `**`
-: `-:`
1/2 `1/2`
1//2 `1//2`
xx `xx`
3^4 `3^4`
f@g `f@g`
sqrt(5) `sqrt(5)`
root(3)(5) `root(3)(5)`
sin^-1(x) `sin^-1(x)`
!= `!=`
< or lt`lt`
> or gt`gt`
<= or leq`leq`
>= or geq`geq`
in `in`
-= `-=`
~= `~=`
~~ `~~`
rarr `rarr`
-> `->`
=> `=>`
iff `iff`
int `int`
sum `sum`
sum_(i=0)^oo `sum_(i=0)^oo`
lim_(x->2^+) `lim_(x->2^+)`
oint `oint`
del `del`
grad `grad`
oo `oo`
4^@ `4^@`
O/ `O/`
/_ `/_`
bb A `bb A`
bbb A `bbb A`
hat x `hat x`
bar x `bar x`
vec x `vec x`
dot x `dot x`
(: 4,2 :) `(: 4,2 :)`
[(1,2),(3,4)] `[(1,2),(3,4)]`
{(x,x lt 1),
(2,x ge 1):}
`{(x,x lt 1),(2,x ge 1) :}`
Greek letters: alpha `alpha` beta `beta` chi `chi` delta `delta` Delta `Delta` epsilon `epsilon` varepsilon `varepsilon` eta `eta` gamma `gamma` Gamma `Gamma` iota `iota` kappa `kappa` lambda `lambda` Lambda `Lambda` mu `mu` nu `nu` omega `omega` Omega `Omega` phi `phi` varphi `varphi` Phi `Phi` pi `pi` Pi `Pi` psi `psi` Psi `Psi` rho `rho` sigma `sigma` Sigma `Sigma` tau `tau` theta `theta` vartheta `vartheta` Theta `Theta` upsilon `upsilon` xi `xi` Xi `Xi` zeta `zeta`

For more examples and full syntax details, please visit ASCIIMath's website. ASCIIMathML was developed by Peter Jipsen, Chapman University.

© 2006 David Lippman
This guide was written with development grant support from the WA State Distance Learning Council